Our Story Started in 2002.

While our Journey started over 20 years ago we are still going strong in Elkhart 

picture of Lattimer family

Family Owned Business in Elkhart, Indiana

We service Elkhart, Granger and South Bend, Indiana.

The story of Lattimer Lawns begins with its founder, Brian. Originally working for a big company in Indianapolis, Brian made a significant life decision to move up north, closer to his family. This relocation marked the start of a new chapter in his life. In pursuit of a different career path, Brian went to school to become a teacher. However, during his educational journey, he realized that teaching was not his true calling.

It was during this period of self-discovery and exploration that Brian founded Lattimer Lawns in 2002. Initially, the lawn care business was a side venture, something he juggled alongside his full-time job. But as time progressed, Brian noticed that he was faring much better with Lattimer Lawns than at his regular job. The business began to flourish unexpectedly, turning into a more significant endeavor than he had originally planned.

The heart of business is family

The growth of Lattimer Lawns was not just a result of Brian’s hard work but also due to the involvement of his family. Recognizing the potential of the business, Brian’s family members started lending their hands to help out. This family involvement became a cornerstone in the expansion and success of the business.

Among the family, Brian’s sons, Luke and Zach, were particularly integral. Both of them had grown up with the company, witnessing its ups and downs. After completing college, the two decided to join Lattimer Lawns full-time, bringing new energy and ideas to the business. Their decision to commit to the family business full-time was a testament to their belief in its potential and their dedication to its continued success.

Under their joint leadership, Lattimer Lawns continued to thrive, becoming a well-known name in Elkhart, Indiana, and symbolizing the power of family, dedication, and the pursuit of one’s true calling.

Lattimer boy playing on playground